Inteligo Financial
Services S.A.

About Company

Inteligo Financial Services is an IT project management company involved in development of integrated IT solutions for electronic banking and other financial services available on line.

Its mission is to meet the needs and requirements of its clients through development, maintenance and continual expansion of the Inteligo Platform , a highly advance IT solution with a unique set of functionalities developed for the Polish financial services market. The Inteligo Platform provides its users with ongoing, secure and convenient access to financial services delivered via the electronic channel.

Inteligo Financial Services operates in a number of distinct domains, including:

  • implementation of information technologies and systems for multi-channel customer service, including the Internet, the call center, text messaging, Mobile Service, WAP, facsimile transmission and email;
  • logistics services for the clients using the Inteligo Platform;
  • online sale and distribution of third party financial products, including: investment funds; treasury bonds; insurance products; balance top-ups for prepaid mobile phone services; and the BIK credit bureau reports.

Total number of users of the online financial services offered through Inteligo Financial Services' Inteligo Platform is nearing 4.5 million. These include the users of:

  • iPKO electronic banking at PKO Bank Polski;
  • INTELIGO internet bank accounts operated by PKO Bank Polski;
  • Pocztowy24 electronic banking channel of Bank Pocztowy;
  • KredoDirect electronic banking channel of Kredobank S.A.; and
  • PZUonline electronic access channel of Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A.

Financial results

  • 2010

    • Net assets of PLN 149.3 million, as at the end of 2010.
    • Net profit of PLN 16.9 million for the year 2010.
  • 2009


  • Management Board

    President of the Management Board

    Bogusław Gwiazda

    Vice-President of the Management Board

    Adam Sekuła

    Vice-President of the Management Board

    Adam Marciniak

  • Supervisory Board


  • Development strategy

    Development , upgrading and maintenance of state-of-the-art technology based business solutions for the financial sector.

  • Significant events