We strengthen the security of your transactions on iPKO biznes website. From March 18th 2022, for each transfer to an account outside the list of saved counterparties, we will ask you for additional confirmation using the authorization tool.

In which situations additional confirmation will be needed?

  • transfer saving
  • transfer modification
  • adding transfer to bundle
  • transfer modification in bundle
  • adding new recipient to counterparty list
  • counterparty data modification
  • import from the file

We do not introduce additional confirmation for transfers to the Polish Tax Authorities and Polish Social Insurance Institution.

Remember about security

Keep up to date the list of your recipients, and for security reasons, save them in your list of counterparties on iPKO biznes. Remember that if the counterparty informs about the change of the bank account number (e.g. by e-mail), it is worth confirming this information with them, e.g. by phone.

Attention! Cyber criminals can change the account number just before ordering the transfer.

  1. On an infected computer of the counterparty who sends an invoice with an incorrect bank account number.
  2. While sending an unencrypted email with an invoice.
  3. On an infected computer of iPKO biznes user.

Always verify the transfer details before sending it.

We encourage you to read and implement good practices of safe use of iPKO biznes website - https://www.pkobp.pl/pkobppl-en/electronic-banking/ipko-biznes/safe-banking/.

See how to add a new recipient to the list of counterparties