iPKO dealer, the on-line currency exchange service for companies, also operates on smartphones Just install the newest version of the iPKO biznes mobile app. 

How to use the currency exchange service in the iPKO biznes mobile application?

If your company is already exchanging currency in iPKO dealer currency exchange service:

  1. Start the newest version of the iPKO biznes mobile application
  2. In the menu choose: More -> “iPKO dealer

If your company is not using the currency exchange service for companies in our bank, it is enough to activate the iPKO dealer service in one of the modes listed below:

  1. via iPKO biznes electronic banking service
  2. by contacting your consultant in the Bank.


What should you know about the currency exchange service for companies?

  • The exchange is processed immediately on company accounts in PKO Bank Polski
  • You can negotiate the rate with the bank - even for a single transaction
  • You can exchange currency at an attractive rate without a currency account - as part of processing an outgoing transfer or before the posting of an incoming transfer.
  • You do not need additional logins and passwords - the currency exchange service operates as part of the iPKO and iPKO biznes electronic banking service (on the computer and smartphone).

More information about currency exchange

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iPKO on-line service | iPKO biznes

means the electronic banking service. It is a service consisting in access to the payment account via the Internet, which allows for checking the balance of the account, changing limits for non-cash payments and transactions made with the use of the debit card or submission of another instruction to the account.

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