Check out the news in the system e.g. simplified confirmation of the transfer, Split Payment to a trusted counterparty, return transfer.


Simplified print of the transfer confirmation

For one-time transfer, tax transfer and split payment a simplified print is available without information about signing pattern and transfer history.

Split payment to a trusted counterparty

List of possible operations for a trusted counterparty has been extended by split payment.

Return transfer

If you have received transfer by mistake, you can easily return it. Choose Return transfer in the account history and counterpaty’s details will be automatically completed.

Searching for transfers by „Own references”

We have added a new search criterion by Own references - an additional note that can be added to each transfer.

Table headers always visible

In the SettingsMy profile section, there is another possibility to personalize the system - Table headers always visible.

When the function is active, the header of each table in the system will always be visible at the top of the page while scrolling (e.g. account history, list of accounts). Function available for corporate customers.

Other online applications – new orders

Other online applications – Cash

Order Data to activate closed cash deposit service has been divided into 3 separate ones:

  • Add a new location, change the data of the current location and add a new user
  • Add or change user rights to order envelopes via iPKO biznes
  • Order new cards for online depository for existing users

Other online applications – Cards

It is now possible to apply for Return of funds from a prepaid debit card.