A new convenient function - the possibility of bulk execution of foreign transfers in a selected currency.

How does a foreign bulk bundle work in iPKO biznes?

  • The total amount of transfers from the bundle, as well as related fees and commissions, are collected in bulks from the indicated accounts
  • Details of individual orders will be available in the bundle details, and after debiting - also in the statement of charged commissions.

How to use the new function?

  • If you have full access or the authorisation "Foreign transfer order - creation" - the foreign bulk bundle is already active
  • Otherwise - the administrator must change the authorisations in Administration in iPKO biznes
  • Users without authorisations have access to general information about bundles, including the total amount or number of transactions.

For more detailed description of the function see User Manual, which can be found in the Help section after logging into the service.