Check what has changed in the iPKO dealer online currency exchange platform.

Now you can choose between two versions of the platform - the basic one, when you use fast currency exchange, and the extended version, in which you have access to all the website's functions (e.g. economic analysis, market news, forward transactions, exchange for an incoming or outgoing currency transfer without a currency account).

iPKO dealer now automatically adjusts to the resolution of the screen on which it is displayed. Thanks to this, you can conveniently deal currency transactions and use the various functions available in the exchange platform, both on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The graphic design of the office has also undergone a metamorphosis.

How does iPKO dealer work?

  • Currency exchange process takes about 1 minute and is made on the company's accounts at PKO Bank Polski
  • The company can set an individual rate even for single transactions
  • In order to exchange currencies in the app and send foreign transfers, you do not need a currency account
  • The currency exchange platform is part of electronic banking, so the user does not need to remember additional logins and passwords
  • It offers access to 253 currency pairs