Activation and management of virtual accounts is now easier in iPKO biznes.

To access the service in iPKO biznes click: Accounts->Virtual Accounts.

Functions available within the "Virtual Accounts" service:

  • Starting and closing the service online within the scope of your privileges;
  • Setting or modifying service parameters (e.g. posting method and frequency, possibility of debiting accounts);
  • Generation of virtual account numbers (from the service level or from a file);
  • Searching operations in history by virtual account;
  • Analytics of collective postings;
  • Hiding the actual number of account from which the payment was made by the virtual account number;
  • Managing user rights to the service.

How to activate the service?

Providing the service to new and existing customers does not require signing separate documentation, and activating a new service only requires appropriate authorizations.  

How much does it cost?

Activation of the service is free of charge, however in accordance with the Tariff, it will involve a cyclic subscription fee connected with its provision in the amount of PLN 100.

Creating and managing virtual accounts: