Check how easy it is to manage mass withdrawals in iPKO biznes.

Through Internet banking you may place orders for cash withdrawals in branches and ATMs of PKO Bank Polski.

What does the service consist in?

A company or public entity may transfer funds to individuals (e.g. employees or benefit recipients). The money may be collected in branches (upon presentation of an identity document) or at ATMs (upon entering a text message code sent to the recipient's phone number).

How to activate mass withdrawals?

Using the service in iPKO biznes does not require signing a separate agreement. Users of the service may prepare and send to the bank withdrawal orders from the account within their authorisations. Sending of the first withdrawal order starts the standard mode of the service, whose cost is described in the Table of Fees and Commissions. An order of withdrawal in iPKO biznes can be made in three ways:

  1. directly in the service by filling in a special form
  2. by import from a .csv file (format consistent with the format used so far in the MIKRUS application)
  3. import of an .xml file (format coherent with the format created in MIKRUS application and sent via "file exchange" in iPKO biznes to the bank).

Easy management

Apart from placing orders for mass payments iPKO biznes users can verify on current basis the status of execution of sent orders, check their details and even cancel previously planned payments.

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