iPKO biznes service You can check whether your counterparty account is on the white list VAT payer.

From January 1, 2020, for each transaction exceeding 15,000 PLN companies are required to check the VAT counterparty's account for the so-called "VAT whitelist". According to information from the Ministry of Finance, transferring funds to an account that is not on the white list may result in sanctions.

The occurrence of a given account on the VAT whitelist will be available for checking directly on the iPKO biznes website. This option will be available when creating one-time transfers, split payments, transfer bundles and standing orders.

How does the verification work?

When ordering a new transfer, you only need to complete the account number and tax identification number  (NIP) of the counterparty, and then click on "Check counterparty's account". Verification can also take place, e.g. at the stage of editing, signing or before sending the disposition.


Information about the result and the date of verification is saved in the details of the transfer or bundle of transfers. It will also be visible in the transaction history and on the disposition confirmation.

Verification is based on information provided by the Ministry of Finance.