We have the pleasure of informing you that the process of integration of Nordea Bank Polska with PKO Bank Polski is progressing in accordance with the presented assumptions:

  • Legal merger (PKO Bank Polski and Nordea Bank Polska as one legal entity) – completed on October 31, 2014.
  • Rebranding (Nordea Bank Polska brand replaced with PKO Bank Polski brand) completed within two weeks after legal merger.
  • Operational merger (full unification of client service & operations) - completed on April 20,2015.

Upon legal merger PKO Bank Polski became the party of the agreements you entered into with Nordea Bank Polska, that is to say it stepped into the rights and obligations of Nordea Bank Polska by operation of law.

Upon the legal merger of Nordea Bank Polska with PKO Bank Polski, these remain unchanged:

  1. the numbers of your credit, savings, as well as savings and transaction accounts, current accounts, and term deposits,
  2. your debit cards – they will operate until expiry and then they will be renewed and will bear the logo of PKO Bank Polski,
  3. the call centre numbers (801 667 332 or +48 58 520 22 21 - toll as per the carrier’s tariff) and the scope of telephone service,
  4. your assigned personal bank advisors and your banking products – these will continue to be handled as before in the branches of Nordea Bank Polska. A list of branches providing such service will be available at www.pkobp.pl and in every branch of the Bank after the merger. Please, note that full service in all the branches of PKO Bank Polski will be available several months after the merger, which we will advise you about in separate correspondence,
  5. your credit and charge cards will operate as usual for a few months after the merger of the banks. Then you will receive new cards. We will inform you about the replacement in advance.
  6. the SWIFT address used so far, i.e. NDEAPLP2,
  7. the cut-off times for international payments.
  8. the currently valid individual terms of banking relationship,

The legal merger of the banks resulted in the following changes in the services provided:

  1. the website www.nordea.pl, the mobile site and other information pages of Nordea Bank Polska are no longer available but you will find all necessary information about the former and new products of the merged banks at www.pkobp.pl,
  2. the „Netbank” electronic banking system was renamed as „iPKONET” and it is currently available at www.pkobp.pl or www.ipkonet.pl. The logging and authorisation mechanisms as well as the functionality of the online service remain unchanged,
  3. the “Nordea eConnect” electronic banking system was be renamed as “PKO eConnect”,

Information about the necessary changes in the settings associated with the change of communication address and rebranding package.

  1. the “Nordea webConnect” electronic banking system was renamed as “PKO webConnect” and it is currently available at www.pkowebconnect.pl,
  2. the “Nordea mobileConnect” electronic banking system was renamed as „PKO mobileConnect”; the use of the service required installing a new version of the application,
  3. the names of your banking products were slightly changed – first of all the name of Nordea was  removed, e.g. the „Nordea Ulubione” account was renamed as „Konto Ulubione Adm.”. You will find a list of changes in the names of selected products attached and it will also be available at www.pkobp.pl and in every branch of the Bank,
  4. all the ATMs and branches of Nordea Bank Polska as well as documents sent to customers bear the logo of PKO Bank Polski,
  5. all the contact e-mail addresses, including the e-mail addresses of our employees were moved to the @pkobp.pl domain. You will receive detailed information about new contact details in the branches,
  6. transfers between accounts in the merged banks are carried out as internal transfers, i.e.within ten to twenty minutes, (if carried out on a weekday till 19.40)
  7. the „Płać z Nordea” („Pay with Nordea”) service was replaced with the „Płacę z iPKONET” (“I pay with iPKONET”) service,
  8. the login page to the mobile banking system, mobile.nordea.pl, was moved to m.ipkonet.pl.

Important! If, upon the legal merger of the banks, you are a customer of Nordea Bank Polska and at the same time of PKO Bank Polski, then:

  1. access to your banking products will not change and remain in separate electronic banking systems (iPKONET and iPKO) as well as through separate call centres operating at their current telephone numbers,
  2. a change in personal details and addresses in the electronic banking systems will be according to the present rules, therefore we advise you to update your particulars both in iPKONET and in iPKO. We will inform you about the date of the merger of these two services in separate correspondence.

Upon the operational merger of Nordea Bank Polska with PKO Bank Polski completed on 20 April, 2015 these has changed:

  • electronic banking "iPKONET" was replaced by the "New iPKO" or “iPKO biznes” (for former eFirma plus users), and customers gained the ability to activate the application IKO, which allows you to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs using the phone without having to use a payment card,
  • history of operations on your accounts for the period of 13 months prior to the date of the merger (except credit cards) was transferred to the  new electronic banking system,
  • numbers of accounts (except credit card accounts) remain unchanged,
  • the service "Pay with iPKONET" will be replaced by the "Pay with iPKO",
  • the service for making financial orders and relating to access to the account by internal mail was turned off one month prior to the merger operation, after the merger, the orders, depending on their type, will be submitted through the electronic banking platform, by phone or at a branch of the bank,
  • from the date of the operational merger, the service for the Internet Branch of the Bank was transferred to the telephone service of PKO Bank Polski and to the Bank's branches, as well as electronic banking platform.

Handling clients, who, before the merger operation use both “iPKONET” and “iPKO” (having two or more user-IDs/user numbers/logins in electronic banking systems):

  • you will decide whether after the date of the operational merger you retain separate passwords and user IDs/logins, or they will be standardized.

To use a single login and password, just notify the branch after the merger date; note! this does not apply to those of you who use “iPKO” to log on to the electronic exchange platform “iPKOdealer” - for you details in this regard will be transmitted in a separate correspondence,

  • following the operational merger, the products of the same categories (e.g. current accounts) will not be combined. Service in this respect and range of functionality will remain unchanged (fees for individual products will be charged separately).

Access to the hotline

Telephone access to banking services under existing hotline will be extended with 24/7 service and new hotline numbers.

Credit and charge cards

  • will be replaced free of charge in time for the operational merger and delivered to your mailing address with instructions for their activation and handling until the operational merger takes place. Existing card balances, together with the limits, will be automatically transferred to new cards (details will be provided in a separate correspondence),
  • account numbers for credit card processing will change (new numbers will be listed in materials provided with the card and on bank statements. After the merger, they will also be visible in electronic banking).

Debit cards

Debit cards will operate until the end of their period of validity (before the end of the period of validity you will be provided with new PKO cards).

Mortgage products

  • loan/limit agreements will receive new identification numbers in the computer system of the Bank.

This number will be used in the loan-related correspondence sent to you (you will find it in the notice of the amount of the instalment); attention! The identification number is not the number of the loan/limit agreement concluded with the bank - this number does not change, and the agreement does not require an annex,

  • for mortgage agreements where the interest calculation adopted a simplifying assumption that a year has 360 days and a month - 30 days, it will be adopted that the year has 365 days and a month - the actual number of days in the calendar.

The new solution increases the accuracy of calculating the interest to be paid.

Extracts from current accounts

In April, you will receive two statements of current accounts instead of one:

  • first statement for the period: the beginning of the accounting period - day operational merger,
  • second statement for the period: day after operational merger – end of the accounting period.


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