PKO Bank Polski follows the principles of social responsibility and takes into account the impact of its actions on shareholders, suppliers, employees and the general public. These principles pursued by the bank in the non-financial areas of its operations include:

ESG disclosure in the annual report 2019

  1. Environment: it is aware of the challenges resulting from climate change, gradually eliminates activities that are harmful for the environment, supports environmental education.
  2. Society: it follows the principle of social responsibility, takes into account the impact of its actions on the general public, clients, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
  3. Corporate governance: it improves corporate governance and ensures transparent principles of management

In its operations the Bank applies the principle of sustainable development and pays increasing attention to the manner of using natural resources. In response to climate change, we began analysing the Bank’s impact on the natural environment. The Bank introduced climate factors as one of the criteria to be considered in sector policies, including with respect to high-emission industries. PKO also assessed the amount of greenhouse gases resulting from the bank’s operating activities and started mapping the product portfolio. The Bank launched an ESG project under which work on social, environmental and corporate governance challenges will be coordinated. Our actions to-date are reflected in an improvement in the Bank’s ESG ratings. The Bank's ESG rating given by FTSE Russel increased from 1.6 to 3.3, and the MSCI rating increased from BB to BBB. The Bank improved its ESG rating by Sustainalytics from 32.9 to 24.0 as well.

The Bank is one of the Ecological Responsibility Charter’s Signatories.


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