Never share your password and account number with third parties and do not enter them on unencrypted pages. If the incorrect password is entered three times, the service in which it is used is blocked. In such case contact a consultant by phone at one of the following numbers 800 302 302 (no fees for domestic numbers in Poland; in other cases – fee according to the operator’s price list), or +48 81 535 60 60 (for foreign calls and mobile phones calls; fee according to the operator’s price list). The access password may be changed to a new one at any time. If you use Token iPKO, logging into the website can be strengthened by the necessity to complete an additional field: “Password of the token”.

Customer number

First logging into the iPKO internet service is done through the use of an individual 8-digit Customer number, received in a branch or delivered by courier. At any time you may establish your own login which will facilitate your logging into the internet service. You do it on your own after logging into the service, selecting subsequently: “Settings” [“Ustawienia], “Access Channels” ["Kanały dostępu”] and “define login” ["zdefiniuj login”].

Your new login:

  • should contain from 8 to 50 characters, including at least one letter,
  • may contain letters, digits and special characters ” `!@#$%^&*()_+-={}[]:;',.<>?”; it cannot contain typically Polish letters, e.g. „ł”, „ś” etc.;
  • must be unique (the system will inform you if the login you propose has already been in the Bank’s data),
  • must be different from your logging password.

If you are the customer of the acquired bank, from 20 April 2015 your new electronic banking service is iPKO, for the first and subsequent logging in you will use data described in the manual of logging into new iPKO for the current users of iPKONET.

Additionally, please remember that:

  • the system does not differentiate between lower case letters and upper case letters, thus “login” means the same as “LOGIN”
  • with the set login you can log into the iPKO internet service and mobile service,
  • after setting the login, you can log into the account both with it and your 8-digit Customer number,
  • at any time you can change the defined login to another one or remove it and log into the service exclusively with 8-digit Customer number received at the Branch of PKO Bank Polski.

The change of login to your friendly login will require confirmation by a one-time code of the authorisation tool.

Security image - New logging into iPKO
Safe TLS connection
Security certificate
Change of the password
If you lose or forget the password...