Legal basis:

Article 17.1 MAR Regulation


Contents of the Report:

The Management Board of PKO Bank Polski S.A. (“Bank”) hereby reports that on 27 December 2019 it received the letter from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (“PFSA”) referring to the criteria for the commercial banks dividend policy in 2020 which are identical to criteria published on 3 December 2019 in the PFSA statement of the supervisory body regarding the criteria for the dividend policy of commercial banks, cooperative and associative banks, insurance and reinsurance companies in 2020.

Furthermore, PFSA in this letter informed about an additional add-on related to Bank’s sensitivity to the adverse macroeconomic scenario in the amount of 0.10 p.p.

The amount of above-mentioned add-on, determined by the PFSA in January 2019, was equal to 0.66 p.p.