EMTN Programme Rating


On 16th May 2017 Moody's published a press release in which it left unaffected Bank’s senior unsecured debt rating at the level A3 and left unaffected the stable outlook.

At the same time Moody’s left unaffected senior unsecured MTN Program rating at the level (P)A3 and left unaffected other short-term debt Program rating at the level (P)P-2. “A” rated debt is characterized by higher than average reliability and a low credit risk level, and Moody's adds figures 1, 2 and 3 to each of the ratings, thus designating their position in the relevant group) and “P-2” rated debt indicates issuers’ strong ability to repay short-term financial obligations.



USD issue – Rule 144A Rating


On 16th May 2017 Moody's in press release left unaffected the rating for the issue of USD-denominated bonds at the level of A3.



Detailed information about Bank's ratings is available on the main Investor Relations page in Ratings section:  http://www.pkobp.pl/pkobppl-en/investor-relations/ratings/


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