According to the Collective Labour Agreement (Zakładowy Układ Zbiorowy Pracy), all employees of PKO Bank Polski SA are entitled to anniversary bonuses after completing a specified number of years in service and to retirement bonuses upon retirement. The Group periodically performs an actuarial valuation of provisions for future liabilities to employees.

The provision for retirement and pension benefits and anniversary bonuses is created individually for each employee on the basis of an actuarial valuation performed periodically by an independent actuary. The basis for calculation of these provisions are internal regulations, and especially the Collective Labour Agreement (‘Zakładowy Układ Zbiorowy Pracy’) being in force at the Group. Valuation of the employee benefit provisions is performed using actuarial techniques and assumptions. The calculation of the provision includes all bonuses and retirement benefits expected to be paid in the future. The provision was created on the basis of a list including all the necessary details of employees, in particular the length of their service, age and gender. The provisions calculated amount to discounted future payments, taking into account staff turnover, and relate to the service period beginning on the balance sheet date. Gains or losses resulting from actuarial calculations are recognised in the income statement.

The Group creates provisions for future liabilities arising from unused annual leave (taking into account all outstanding unused holiday days), from damages and severance payments made to those employees whose employment contracts are terminated for reasons independent of the employee and periodical settlements for the employee compensation costs incurred in the current period which will be paid out in future periods, including bonuses.