In accordance with § 1 of the Articles of Association, the Bank conducts its operations in compliance with the applicable laws, its Articles of Association and market standards adopted by the Bank, with due regard to the Bank's national character.

The Bank’s Articles of Association indicates that all shares of the Bank carry the same rights and obligations. No shares are preference shares, in particular with respect to the voting rights or dividends. The Articles of Association restrict the voting rights of shareholders holding more than 10% of the total number of votes at the General Shareholders’ Meeting. This restriction does not apply to the State Treasury and shareholders acting jointly with the State Treasury.

The Bank builds its relationship with the market on the basis of mutual trust, transparency and equal treatment of shareholders also by adopting higher standards, good practices and policies. Their purpose is to ensure full transparency, observing the principles of clear and equal access to information for all shareholders, irrespective of their interest in the capital.

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