A stable partner


The largest bank in Poland

We have supported both corporate and individual clients for more than 100 years. We are the safest bank in Europe in terms of capital level according to 2018 EBA stress tests.

A technological champion

We implement modern solutions and collaborate with startups. We have developed one of the best mobile banking apps in the world (according to Retail International Banking 2018 and 2019 rankings).

An expert on the local market

We share our experience with others. We cooperate with governmental organisations from both Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as with consultancies which support business in local markets.


Comprehensive solutions


Serving the CEE region

We connect businesses in Central and Eastern Europe by serving clients in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Ukraine.

Syndicated financing

We participate in the largest investment projects in the CEE region. We finance projects in collaboration with other banks and legal or financial advisers.

International cash pooling

We provide cash pooling services to groups operating in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia or Poland. These services enable our clients, among other things, to make up for a shortage of funds at one company using the surplus held by another company within the group (also where the currencies are different).

Quick transfers

Transfers between the accounts we maintain for companies in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic are executed immediately. Our clients can also order express SWIFT GPI foreign transfers where the principal is notified of the counterparty’s account being credited.

Fully-integrated e-banking service

In Czech Republic and Poland, we offer the same iPKO biznes online service and a mobile app, which support the finance management in an international group with a single banking tool.

Services provided in three languages

At our Prague branch, our staff speak 3 languages (Czech, Polish and English). This helps our clients make decisions and meet local formal requirements.


What you should know



Contact us


PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch
Klimentská 1216/46, Nové Město
110 00 Praha 1
Česká Republika

Bank code: 3060
ID DS: 8aj8wbg
DIČ: CZ684000798


PKO Bank Polski in other markets


Branch in Germany

PKO Bank Polski S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, which is based in Frankfurt am Main, helps companies to develop their business in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Kredobank in Ukraine

Universal bank based in Lviv. Kredobank is 100% owned by PKO Bank Polski.

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Branch in Slovakia

PKO BP S.A., Pobočka Zahraničnej Banky is based in Bratislava and helps clients grow their business in Slovakia

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Banking services in Poland

In Warsaw, a dedicated team serves international corporations operating in Poland.

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Correspondent banking

PKO Bank Polski handles direct transfers in 23 currencies to 1,300 banks worldwide. It maintains Polish accounts for more than 230 foreign banks.

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Transaction banking

Financing & Trade Services


Awaiting funds availability

Now you can order domestic transfers in CZK without funds in the account. Once the account is credited, we will process them automatically. You can choose to wait indefinitely or for a certain number of calendar days.

Use the feature when ordering a transfer, select YES in the Awaiting funds availability section. By default, we have enabled it with a waiting period of 1 day, but you have the option to fully manage the functionality in the Administration section.

If you already had the Awaiting funds availability feature enabled for foreign transfers, it will also work for domestic transfers in CZK.

Balance confirmations at the end of 2022

Cross-border transfers with payment purpose code

Change in the Price List for Clients of PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch (since 01.02.2023)

Change in the Price List for Clients of PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch (since 01.07.2022)

Change in the Price List for Clients of PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch (since 01.03.2022)

Change in the Price List for Clients of PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch

Change in the Price List for Clients of PKO BP S.A. Czech Branch and Interest Rates provided to Clients of PKO BP S.A. Czech Branch

Change in the deposit offer for corporate clients

Amendment of the General Business Terms and Conditions for Accounts, Payments Execution and Other Services




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