PKO Bank Polski is dedicated to support Polish companies that are operating in international markets or planning to do so.

Our German branch in Frankfurt am Main has been in operation since December 2015 and it positions itself as the banking partner of choice for Polish enterprises active in Germany. We have the necessary know-how, experience and tools to support Polish-German trade and business relations.

5 reasons to cooperate with PKO Bank Polski German branch

  1. Simple, transparent and efficient cross-border solutions
    PKO Bank Polski’s business model (the same legal entity in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic, using the same integrated IT systems) allows our clients to optimise their settlements, financing structure and liquidity management in international context. This results in increased efficiency and lower costs of banking services.

  2. Consistent decision-making processes
    We are familiar with the risk of Polish enterprises, their business outlook and potential for development. We take credit decisions on the basis of the overall risk assessment of the company’s activities in Poland and in Germany. When providing the financing, we may accept securities under Polish law and located in Poland. Moreover, we offer an option of concluding one loan agreement with PKO Bank Polski, under which various companies belonging to the same group may be financed in Poland and Germany.

  3. Innovative transaction banking solutions
    Our offer comprises state-of-the-art cash pooling solutions that consolidate, in real-time, balances of accounts maintained in various currencies in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic (cross-currency cash pooling). Thanks to being acknowledged by German customs authorities we support our clients active in Germany by issuing customs guarantees and bonds. Our product portfolio includes among others SEPA Direct Debit- a Europe-wide, standardized collection method. Polish companies that accept this form of payment to the benefit of their business partners within the EU often obtain attractive discounts without shortening the payment period. For many Polish companies, it becomes more and more the pre-condition for trading in the Eurozone countries.

  4. Understanding the specifics of the German and the Polish markets
    Our team has profound knowledge of and long-standing experience in both markets, and it is determined to succeed in these markets together with our clients.
    We understand the culture of both countries and the mentality of German and Polish business partners; we speak Polish, German and English, and cooperate with many Polish-German industry organisations, chambers of industry and commerce, law firms, tax advisors and other experts. Hence, we are able to support our clients as early as at the stage of planning market entry in Germany.

  5. Security and sustainability of our solutions
    Stable financial situation of PKO Bank Polski, confirmed by number 4 rank among 51 European banks in the stress-tests conducted in 2016, guarantees the security and sustainability of our solutions. Strong top management support for our permanent presence in Germany ensures funds for further investments in the development of our offering in order to adjust it to the changing needs and requirements of our clients.


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Change in Terms and Conditions for the Issuance and Use of PKO Visa Business DE Debit Card for Corporate Customers of PKO Bank Polski SA Niederlassung Deutschland

The new terms will apply as of 1 February 2020 to customers of PKO Bank Polski SA Niederlassung Deutschland.

Changes result from requirements pertaining to the strong authentication mechanism (Par. 3(16) point (a) (iv)).

Terms and Conditions for the Issuance and Use of PKO Visa Business DE Debit Card: applicable as of 01.02.2010 (PDF)

Your kind acceptance is hereby sought. The amendments shall be deemed to have been approved by the customer, unless the customer has indicated disapproval before 01.02.2020. Should you choose not to accept the amendments you have, pursuant to our General Business Conditions, the right to terminate your PKO Visa Business DE Debit Card agreement between the Customer and PKO Bank Polski SA Niederlassung Deutschland free of charge, with effect at any time or with immediate effect before the date of entry into force of the aforementioned changes.

If you fail to notify your lack of acceptance for the introduced changes before 1 February 2020, they will be considered approved.


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  • filing complaints,
  • current and historical currency exchange rates,
  • transaction execution confirmations,
  • statement on maintaining a bank account,
  • bank opinions,
  • audit confirmations.

You can also contact the Electronic Banking Support Team for technical support and information regarding:

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  • defining recipient lists,
  • generating electronic statements,
  • unblocking tokens.

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