[GRI 102-11] In accordance with its risk management strategy, the bank oversees the risk management systems for the other entities of the group. It also supports their development and takes into account the operational risk profiles of the individual entities in order to monitor and report risk at the group level. The bank's Management Board is responsible for ensuring that the risk management system functions effectively. It regularly monitors whether the system adequately reflects the size and the risk profile of the group and its external environment. An assessment of risk materiality is conducted at least once a year. The following risks are considered material at the bank: credit risk, risk of the household mortgage loans in foreign currencies, forex risk, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, business risk, modelling risk and risk of macroeconomic changes. We also carry out reviews of the social and environmental risks identified in the group.

Risk of non-compliance of products with the applicable standards
Risk of incorrect product labelling
Risk of unauthorized access to customer funds
Risk of unauthorized access to customer information
Risk related to outsourcing of services
Risk of financing entities whose products pose an environmental or social threat
Climate risk