We monitor the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the group's operating activities. The organizational boundaries of the reported emissions include: (1) in the case of PKO Bank Polski data for this entity alone (100% of emissions), (2) in the case of group data: the bank and all its subsidiaries in accordance with the bank's operational control (100% of emissions of each entity). Consolidation covers all levels of the group. The reported emissions cover Scope 1 and Scope 2 data for the bank and the group. Scope 3 emissions have been monitored since 2020 and comprise domestic business trips of the bank's representatives.

PKO Bank Polski adopted a set of ESG metrics and integrated them with the non-financial objectives of the Bank's Capital Group for the following years. The fulfilment of objectives will be verified using reliable and fully measurable data. One of the adopted goals is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the bank to 40,000 tonnes in 2025, i.e. by 60% compared to 2019.

We calculated the emissions using the revised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and the market-based method. The achieved data confidence level of performed calculations (defined as the percentage of sourced data in all data used in calculations, which includes sourced and estimated data) is “good” according to the GHG Protocol methodology. As part of the 2020 reporting process, we recalculated data for the base year (2019) for two reasons: received more accurate data from several locations and identified an underestimation in the consumption of natural gas and heating by subsidiaries.


Scope 1:


Scope 2:


Scope 3:

13 509 Mg CO2e


64 377 Mg CO2e


289 Mg CO2e

Group's direct emissions resulting from
burning of fuels in owned or controlled sources

[GRI 305-1]


Group's indirect emissions resulting from
the use of purchased electricity and heating

[GRI 305-2]


Bank's indirect emissions resulting
from domestic business trips

[GRI 305-3]

In 2020, the group's greenhouse gas emissions under Scope 1-3 totalled 78 thousand Mg CO2e (equivalent carbon content tonnes), of which over 84% was generated by the parent entity. [GRI 305-5] The largest reduction in emissions was achieved under Scope 2 with respect to the emissions from purchased electricity. It was mainly the result of obtaining guarantees of origin of electricity from low-emission sources (highly-efficient cogeneration) by the bank. The guarantees of origin covered 73.3 GWh of energy out of 81.5 GWh consumed by the bank in 2020. [GRI 305-4] We used 3 ratios to assess the intensity level of GHG emissions: emissions per employee, per customer and per PLN 1 mln of assets. The resulting data provides a full picture of the carbon footprint generated in the bank's operating activities.

Direct and indirect GHG emissions by source (in Mg CO2e)

 BankOther entitiesGroupBankOther entitiesGroupGroup
Scope 1 – direct emissions, resulting from:10 1063 40313 50911 8163 67115 487-12.8%
  use of fuels in buildings4 7617905 5515 1856385 823-4.7%
  use of fuels in vehicles4 5622 6137 1756 6313 0339 664-25.8%
  fugitive sources783-783----
Scope 2 – indirect emissions, resulting from:55 5958 78264 37788 90610 10499 010-35.0%
  purchase of electricity32 3336 49238 82564 3207 00871 329-45.6%
  purchase of heat23 2622 29025 55124 5853 09627 681-7.7%
Total emissions (Scope 1 + 2)65 70112 18577 886100 72113 775114 497-32.0%
Scope 3 – indirect emissions (domestic business trips)289-289----
Total emissions (Scope 1 + 2)65 98912 18578 175----

GHG emissions intensity ratios

GHG emissions Scope 1 + 2Unit20202019y/y
per employeeMg CO2e / person3.04.1-27.2%
per customerkg CO2e / person7.411.0-32.2%
per PLN 1 mln of assetskg CO2e / PLN 1 mln of assets206.6329.1-37.2%

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2019
Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2020