We monitor the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the group's operating activities. The organizational boundaries of the reported emissions include: (1) in the case of PKO Bank Polski data for this entity alone (100% of emissions), (2) in the case of group data: the bank and all its subsidiaries in accordance with the bank's operational control (100% of emissions of each entity). Consolidation covers all levels of the group. The reported emissions cover Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3. Emissions in Scope 3 were extended to include data relating to subsidiaries, emissions generated at the stage of production of fuels and fuels to generate electricity and emissions related to the generation of electricity lost during transmission and distribution (WTT - Weel to Tank) and rental of business space. 

PKO Bank Polski adopted a set of ESG metrics and integrated them with the non-financial objectives of the Bank's Capital Group for the following years. The fulfilment of objectives will be verified using reliable and fully measurable data. One of the adopted goals is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the bank to 40,000 tonnes in 2025, i.e. by 60% compared to 2019. In 2022, the bank's greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 61.7% compared to 2019.

We calculated the emissions using the revised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (revised) using the market-based and location-based methods. The bank recalculated the base year 2019 for Scope 1 - the DEFRA emission indicators database was used, and for Scope 2 - the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE) ratios were used after taking into account transmission losses and balance sheet differences. 


Scope 1:


Scope 2:


Scope 3:

14 716 Mg CO2e 


80 416 Mg CO2e

(location based)


18 277 Mg CO2e 


33 784 Mg CO2e

(market based) 


Direct emissions of the Bank’s Capital Group as a result of fuel combustion in sources owned by it and purchase of refrigerants

[GRI 305-1]


Indirect emissions of the Bank's Capital Group resulting from the use of purchased electricity and heat

[GRI 305-2]


TIndirect emissions of the Bank’s Capital Group arising from business travel,employees commuting, WTT, and lease of space

[GRI 305-3]

In 2022, the Bank’s Group's emissions decreased by 4.3%, y/y, in Scope 1 and 2, what was the result of decrease in the emissions in the Bank and in subsidiaries. Direct emissions from the use of fuel in buildings and indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity and thermal energy decreased, and direct emissions from the consumption of fuels used in vehicles (an increase in passages) and emissions from refrigerants, the result of the increased loss and thus the increased volume of supplemented refrigerants, have increased.

The Bank calculated GHG emissions intensity ratios for the purpose of comparison with the market. Total 1+2 Scope emissions for the Bank’s Group were used in the calculation. In this way, a full picture was obtained of the carbon footprint generated as a result of the operating activities.

Direct and indirect GHG emissions by source (in Mg CO2e)

 BankOther entitiesGroupBankOther entitiesGroupGroup
Scope 1 – direct emissions from:10 8493 86714 71610 0003 38813 3889.9%
  fuels used in buildings4 0817444 8254 6817975 478-11.9%
  fuels used in vehicles5 7253 0198 7454 7572 5917 348  19.0%
  refrigerants1 0431031 1465620562104.0%
Scope 2 – indirect emissions from:26 2747 51033 78428 1019 20337 304-9.4%
  purchase of electricity3 3354 9908 3244 5906 30510 895-23.6%
  purchase of heat22 9392 52025 46023 5112 89826 409-3.6%
Total emissions (Scope 1 + 2)37 12411 37648 50038 10112 59150 692-4.3%
  WTT emissions3 9873 4137 400----
  domestic and foreign buisiness travel5136519195-195166.1%
  employee commuting8 694178 7113 341-3 341
  lease of space 1 64701 647----
Scope 3 14 8413 43618 2773 536-3 536416.8%
Total emissions (Scope 1 + 2 + 3)51 96514 81366 77741 637-54 22823.1%

GHG emissions intensity ratios

GHG emissions Scope 1 + 2Unit20222021y/y
per employeeMg CO2e / person1.92.0-1.3%
per customerkg CO2e / person4.44.8-8.9%
per PLN 1 mln of assetskg CO2e / PLN 1 mln of assets112.6121.2-7.1%

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2023

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2022

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2021

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2020

Download: Inventory of GHG emissions of PKO Bank Polski in 2019



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