Kredobank (previously Kredyt Bank Ukraina) is a universal bank headquartered in Lviv, a city located across the border from Poland, in the place of significant interchange between the two national cultures. Offering a comprehensive range of services to its customers and corporate clients, Kredobank possesses the skills and competences required in handling the settlement of contracts companies of both the countries execute. The services the Bank provides include, among others: acceptance of deposits; operation of personal and corporate accounts; factoring; granting of guarantees; handling of cheques and bills of exchange; operations in the forex market and the securities market. Kredobank has operated on the Ukrainian market since 1990. Its strategic partner is PKO Bank Polski , which holds above 99.56 per cent. of its shareholders' equity.

Operation of Kredobank within PKO Bank Polski Capital Group can serve as a positive example of the impact of Polish investments on a Ukrainian financial institution; this under conditions of persisting economic instability of that country. The technologies, know-how and funds invested into Kredobank have contributed to its significant development. The Bank has met with broad recognition for the quality of its products, active support of the SME sector and its operational transparency. Kredobank was the first bank in Lviv and all of Western Ukraine to operate its own card transaction processing centre when it began in March 2009. In 2010 it won the title of the Best Bank - Partner to Insurers in a competition organised by the Bankier magazine.

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