• We enable people to build their own pension schemes using PKO Personal Retirement Provision Accounts (PKO IKZE) or PKO Personal Pension Accounts (PKO IKE) within PKO Voluntary Pension Fund (PKO DFE)
  • Payments into the account provide the entitlement to a tax break ora refund of tax paid
  • You can save using two accounts at the same time

More about PKO PTE

PKO PTE manages:

  • PKO BP Bank Open-End Pension Fund (OFE) and
  • PKO Voluntary Pension Fund (PKO DFE)

What can you gain with PKO DFE?

  • You can build your own pension using:
    PKO Personal Retirement Provision Account (PKO IKZE)
    PKO Personal Pension Account (PKO IKE)
  • The accounts are designed for long-term investments of savings into one’s own pension
  • Payments into the account may be deducted from the tax base
  • Payments are subject to reduced 10% (flat-rate) tax , lower than the standard rate of 19%
  • We guarantee the security and profitability of your savings - we invest our assets in the classes of assets giving a chance to achieve high rates of return in the long run, while preserving he maximum level of security of the investment. As the Fund portfolio includes equity instruments, the value of the settlement unit may be characterized by high volatility.
  • There is a cap on the withdrawals from either type of account

 PKO PTE in numbers

  • Nearly 860,000 customers
  • Over PLN 7.0bn of total assets of PKO OFE in 2022
  • Nearly PLN 158.4m of the balance of PKO DFE (IKE and IKZE) accounts in 2022
  • 10,103 of PKO DFE (IKE and IKZE) registers opened in 2022
Supervisory Board

Barbara Soares da Silva

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Andrzej Sołdek

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Paweł Czechowski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Mariusz Sokołowski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board

Wojciech Roztworowski

President of the Management Board

Radosław Kiełbasiński

Vice-President of the Management Board

Marek Kałęcki

Member of the Management Board