• We facilitate the running of businesses in the financial sector
  • Our transfer agent helps in keeping registers and accounting for investment, pension and equity fund participants
  • We provide assistance in the bookkeeping for funds and companies
  • In 2019, we launched a Employee Equity Plan Accounting System, thanks to which you can easily check payments into Employee Equity Plans for your employees online
  • We also offer IT services and outsourcing of IT specialists

More about PKO Finat

  • Acting on a licence from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, we also provide services as a domestic payment institution
  • Our Employee Equity Plan Accounting System is integrated with all the entities managing Employee Equity Plans so that information about contributions to Employee Equity Plans from the whole market can be recorded online

 PKO BP Finat in numbers

  • PLN 29,6m of net profit for the year 2022
  • Total assets of PLN 138m in 2022
  • Equity of PLN  87m in 2022

Awards and accolades:

  • The iPPK app was named a HIT OF THE YEAR 2020 in a competition by the “Gazeta Bankowa” in the “Insurance and Other Financial Institutions” category
  • The iPPK App was the runner-up in the Leader 2019 competition
  • Our motorway toll payment service won the reader’s recognition in the Cashless Pay 2020 contest. PKO Finat’s proprietary technology employed in the IKO mobile app made it to Top 5 most interesting payment solutions.
Supervisory Board

Piotr Krawczyk

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Edyta Jordan

Member of the Supervisory Board

Paweł Litwiński

Member of the Supervisory Board

Sebastian Szaładziński

Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board

Piotr Krawczyk

Member of the Supervisory Board delegated to temporarily perform duties of the President of the Management Board