PKO BP Finat sp. z o.o. is providing wideranging services of Investment Fund Companies (TFI) and Pension Fund Companies (PTE).

The principal business of PKO BP Finat sp. z o.o. is providing the transfer agent services of investment funds (TFI) and pension funds (OFE). The company also offers funds accounting services of pension funds as well as open investment funds (FIO) and closed-end investment funds (FIZ).

The range of basic activity enables to provide additional services, such as Call Center services within which the Company receives telephone orders from investemnts and pension funds participants, ensuring comprehensive customer service. The Company also offers opperational support such as scanning and archiving services.

PKO BP Finat sp. z o.o. assures full security of processing information, the Company received a Certificate in Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2005. The confirmation of a high quality of fund services is the certificate of compliance with the international standard SAS 70.

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