• We are the leader of the Polish leasing and car fleet management market  in terms of sales, the reach of our distribution network or the choice of services
  • We provide financing in the form of leases or loans: for vehicles, machinery, equipment, capital investment projects (e.g. production lines), IT equipment, photovoltaic devices, electric vehicle charging points and stations
  • We support businesses regardless of their size, industry and type of activity
  • Our products are available in all the  offices of PKO Bank Polski and the branches of PKO Leasing

More about PKO Leasing

  • We cooperate with Prime Car Management (we are their sole shareholder) – a company offering comprehensive car flee management services, including long-term car rental
  • We also offer advantageous insurance, for example third party and comprehensive car insurance, Assistance with All Risk, property insurance, GAP insurance
  • We use innovative technologies - we offer our customers a modern online platform for buying new and used cars - Automarket.pl
  • In December 2021, we joined the "My electrician" program, acting as an intermediary in the process of obtaining subsidies for zero-emission cars financed through leasing and long-term rental

PKO Leasing Group in numbers

  • Nearly 150,000 custumers
  • 46 branches throughout Poland
  • Almost PLN 12bn in sales in 2022
  • More than PLN 249m of net profit for the year 2022

Awards and accolades:

  • Double award of Biznes Protektor 2022: special award "Best National Financial Intermediary of the EU" and award in the category "Leasing Companies"
  • Double award of the "Leader in financing electromobility" awarded by BOŚ to the PKO Leasing Group for the contribution made to the implementation of the objectives of the "My electrician" program
  • Distinction in the “Mocarze HiperAutomatyzacji 2022” competition in the field of software robots for the robot that was created in cooperation with the Development Team of the Robotization Platform of PKO Bank Polski
  • 3rd place in the Leader of the Year 2020 technology competition, in the insurance and other financial institutions category, for the implementation of the first Polish platform for the sale of new and used cars: Automarket.pl
Supervisory Board:

Marcin Majewski

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Agnieszka Wrońska

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Tomasz Mańko

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Maciej Zastempowski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board:

Paweł Pach

President of the Management Board

Radosław Drozd

Vice-President of the Management Board

Mirosław Grzelak

Vice-President of the Management Board

Andrzej Popielski

Vice-President of the Management Board