CERT PKO Bank Polski (Computer Emergency Response Team) is a specialized PKO Bank Polski unit tasked with guarding the Bank’s cybersecurity.

Team’s main tasks are monitoring and analysis of possible threats to Bank’s IT systems and reaction to discovered issues and security incidents.

To report incidents, please e-mail us at cert[@]pkobp[.]pl

To ensure confidentiality of sent information we advise to use mail encryption. A preferred method is the PGP/GPG encryption (a standard used by all CERT units worldwide).

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As a Bank’s internal team, CERT PKO BP does not handle complaints or any other requests from clients. If you seek support concerning your banking services, please visit https://www.pkobp.pl/pkobppl-en/contact/ where you can find means of contacting a proper customer service center.


CERT, considered as the whole Department of Cybersecurity, ensures that financial services provided by PKO BP follow the rules of Bank’s IT security strategy.

CERT PKO BP actively operates in international security communities. It is a full member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and a member of two TERENA TF-CSIRT’s initiatives: a workgroup uniting incident response teams from various countries and their organization - Trusted Introducer.

In Poland CERT is also an active member of Banking Cybersecurity Center organized by the Polish Bank Association.

Main CERT PKO BP’s responsibilities include
  • Cyberthreat analysis and modelling
  • Administration of cybersecurity monitoring systems
  • Monitoring of and reaction to computer security incidents
  • Cybersecurity standards and risk management
  • Design and development of IT architecture
  • Internal systems and architecture security audits
  • Providing cybersecurity services to Bank’s units

CERT PKO monitors the security of PKO BP’s e-banking systems: iPKO, iPKO biznes and the mobile platform – IKO.