It is the fourth time that the editors of the Home&Market monthly have given the „Financial Awards” for the best financial products addressed to business and individual customers. Bankowy Fundusz Leasignowy SA received its award in the “Leasing Offer” category for its innovative product called the Express Leasing Sales Package, which is addressed to PKO Bank Polski SA clientele. The Express Leasing Sales Package is the only product of its kind on the market. It is intended for PKO Bank Polski SA customers who are going to invest in fixed assets worth up to 500,000.00 PLN. Those customers can be both bigger corporations and medium and small businesses that have been dealing and cooperating with PKO BP for at least 6 months. The uniqueness of the Express Leasing Sales Package lies in combining the basic features of a few simplified products meant for different industries and leased assets into a single procedure. A product package with a unified method of making assessments, taking decisions, placing offers and effecting transactions has been created within one computer application. For the customer, this means an easy access to the leasing offer, a quick decision, and an ability to enter into leasing contracts in most of PKO Bank Polski SA branch offices throughout all of Poland.