HackYeah TASK

Mastering your personal finances can be challenging, especially in the world of overwhelming amount of data. There are over 31M bank accounts in Poland, 69% of Poles declare to have savings, but it’s estimated that average Pole has a debt of 5,5k PLN. Finding your way in the maze of bank accounts, financial products and investment options seems almost impossible. Can banks be helpful in figuring out the way out?

Could you develop a solution that would analyze and model the data, open the bank to customers and allow them to understand and get advantage of their financial situation?

With the unlimited possibilities that open banking offers, become a…

  • Collector and aggregate data from various sources,
  • Profiler and identify behavioral patterns,
  • Detective and track spending habits,
  • Guide and direct towards personal goals,
  • Fortune teller and predict financial needs,
  • Artist and visualize a complete picture of one’s finance,
  • Friend and build up client’s financial confidence.

With access to unprecedented amount of data, open banking opens countless possibilities!

IT infrastructure for our hackathon task will be provided by our technology partner – Microsoft.

Participants will receive access to Microsoft Azure – a set of cloud services to help hackathon teams develop their solutions, deploy applications and analyze the data.

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