PKO Bank Hipoteczny specializes in mortgage lending for individual customers. Based on the strategic partnership with PKO Bank Polski, it will offer the mortgage loans to the retail customers in the largest network of branches, brokers and agents in Poland. The mortgage loan granted by PKO Bank Hipoteczny will be serviced by the advisor at the PKO Bank Polski branch, as well as the call-in-lines and the online banking.

A key task of the PKO Bank Hipoteczny is the issue of covered bonds, that will finance the loans granted by the Bank.

The issue of the own covered bonds gives the possibility of obtaining long-term funding for lending to the real estate market .

The mission of PKO Bank Hipoteczny is to provide:

To the customers – the lending for their real estate investments

To the investors - long-term covered bonds with a high level of security.

PKO Bank Hipoteczny in its development strategy assumes to become the leading issuer of the covered bond market in Poland within three years.

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Supervisory Board