Use BLIK conveniently, without using cash or a card:

  • pay for purchases in stationary stores - with the BLIK code or contactless
  • Pay online, in mobile apps and top up your account in the App Store
  • make deposit and withdraw cash
  • make instant transfers to the phone

All you have to do is display the BLIK code or check in the IKO application and enter it on the payment terminal, on the website, at the ATM, etc.

You can also pay contactless with BLIK in all payment terminals in Poland and around the world in contactless terminals with the Mastercard logo.

How to link BLIK to an account or credit card?

  • 1
    In IKO, expand your profile and go to Settings → Payments → BLIK Settings → BLIK Payment source
  • 2
    Select an account or credit card as the payment source and confirm the change.
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If the source of BLIK payment is a credit card: you cannot withdraw and deposit cash, make transfer to the phone or generate BLIK checks

Two ways to use the BLIK code

    • 6 digits
    • You can use it for 120 seconds after viewing it. If you missed it, just view the new one.
    • 9 digits
    • You can use it in the same way as the BLIK code or send it to another person.
      • To pay by check, you need a password – you can send it on the iPKO website (Settings → IKO application → Set password).
      • You determine the value of the check.
      • You can use the check only once. The difference between the amount of the transaction and the check will be returned to your account - you do not lose the unused amount.
    • You can have 2 active BLIK checks at the same time.

How to pay with BLIK?

  • 1
    Confirm the payment in the application

    Depending on your BLIK online payment settings, you can order with or without BLIK code/check – all you need to do is confirm the payment in the application. In the stationary store you can also choose to pay by BLIK code/check or contactless payment – without the code.

  • 2
    Confirm the transaction

    Confirm the transaction in your application. When paying online with BLIK, you can remember the selected store or web browser - from now on, you will be able to confirm transactions in the application, without the BLIK code. You can freely change the settings in IKO: Settings → Payments  BLIK Settings → Pay without BLIK code.

In the online store, it is enough to choose BLIK, and in the stationary store – tell the seller about it.

How to generate a BLIK check?

  • 1
    Create check

    In IKO enter Payments → BLIK check → Create check. Check the assigned account, enter a check value, expiration date, and assign a title. Decide if you want to save it offline.

  • 2
    Use the check yourself or share it with another person via instant messaging, SMS or e-mail. Remember, pass the check password in a separate message for security purposes.

Before generating, make sure that you have set a password for BLIK checks in the iPKO website.

How to pay with BLIK on with one click?

  • 1
    If you have already added Allegro to trusted stores in IKO, during your next payment may offer you to activate purchases without a code and without confirming the transaction in the application
  • 2
    After each such payment you will receive its confirmation in the push notification
  • 3
    Some payments on may still require your confirmation at IKO
  • 4
    You can freely change the settings of trusted stores and browsers in IKO: Settings → Payments → BLIK Settings → Pay without BLIK code

How do I top up my account with BLIK in the App Store?

  • 1
    Go to your phone settings
  • 2
    Select Apple ID → Payment and Shipping
  • 3
    Add the BLIK payment method and top up your account in the App Store in the IKO application