Why should I work with KredoBank?


Company account in Ukraine

KredoBank maintains personal and company accounts in Ukraine. Business customers are offered service in three languages: English, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Fast transfers from Poland and the EU to Ukraine

Transfers between accounts in the KredoBank (Ukraine) and the PKO Bank Polski (Poland) take only 15 mins.

Support on the Ukrainian market

KredoBank cooperates with governmental organizations from Poland and Ukraine and with advisory entities which support business on the Ukrainian market.

Company credit in Ukraine

KredoBank grants working capital credits and investment credits to companies operating in Ukraine.


Asked to be contacted


t.: +38 032 297 23 90

Write us

Center for Ukraine-Poland Business Development
78 Sakharova Str.
79-026 Lviv, Ukraine




PKO Bank Polski in Europe


Branch in Germany

PKO Bank Polski Niederlassung Deutschland, based in Frankfurt am Main, helps companies develop their business in Germany.


Branch in Slovakia

PKO BP S.A., pobočka zahraničnej banky, based in Bratislava, supports development of enterprises in Slovakia.


Branch in the Czech Republic

PKO BP S.A., Czech Branch, based in Prague, helps companies develop business in the Czech Republic.


Banking services in Poland

The biggest bank in Poland. Contact with dedicated team services for international corporations operating in Poland.