Report No. 20/2024

28.03.2024 14:59
Amendment to the guarantee agreement

Legal basis:

Article 17(1) of the MAR Regulation

the Report:

Referring to the report No. 5/2023 the Management Board of PKO Bank Polski S.A. (the „Bank”) hereby informs that on 28 March 2024, after having obtained the required corporate approvals, the Bank concluded an amendment to the guarantee agreement with a counterparty providing for unfunded credit protection with respect of a portfolio of selected corporate exposures of the Bank, within the meaning of the Capital Requirements Regulation, CRR (the “Guarantee”).

As a result of the conclusion of this amendment, the terms of the Guarantee have changed so that the total value of the portfolio covered under the Guarantee amounts to PLN 17,016,565,143.45 and the portfolio comprises of a portfolio of bonds, with a value of PLN 1,843,699,490.98 (“Portfolio A”) and a portfolio of other exposures, with a value of  PLN 15,172,865,652.47 (“Portfolio B”). The coverage ratio under the Guarantee is 100% - in respect of Portfolio A and 80% - in respect of Portfolio B, which means that the total maximum amount of the Guarantee is PLN 13,981,992,012.92.