PKO Bank Polski S.A. has solicited credit ratings from Moody's Investors Service rating agency, which assesses the Bank's creditworthiness according to its own bank assessment procedure.

On 11 April 2024 Moody's Investors Service informed about maintaining all ratings for PKO Bank Polski S.A. (long-term and short-term counterparty risk rating) issued on 18 June 2018. The stable outlook for the long-term deposit rating was also maintained. The long-term counterparty risk rating was maintained at A2 and the short-term counterparty risk rating was maintained at P-1.

Counterparty risk ratings reflect an entity’s ability to settle an unsecured portion of the counterparty’s financial liabilities not related to a debt (CRR liabilities) and the expected financial losses in the case of failing to settle such liabilities. Examples of CRR liabilities include the uncollateralized portion of liabilities arising from derivatives transactions and the uncollateralized portion of liabilities under sale and repurchase agreements. Detailed information about Moody's methodology and rating scale is included on the agency's website.

Moody's Investors Service
Long-term deposit ratingA2 with stable outlook
Short-term deposit ratingP-1
Senior unsecured MTN Program rating(P)A3
Other short-term debt Program rating(P)P-2
EMTN Programme Senior Non Preferred unsecured eurobonds(P)Baa3
Junior Senior Unsecured (Domestic)Baa3
Senior Unsecured (Foreign)A3 with stable outlook
Long-term counterparty risk ratingA2
Short-term counterparty risk ratingP-1
Long-term counterparty risk assessmentA2(cr)
Short-term counterparty risk assessmentP-1(cr)
Baseline Credit Assessmentbaa2