You sign an agreement for the sale of additional services on the iPKO website and in the IKO mobile application with PKO Finat, which provides the API.


What are you getting?


New sales channel

Over 7,3 million individual and corporate customers systematically use the websites and mobile services of PKO Bank Polski.

Universal API – speedy implementation and minimum costs

All it takes to start selling your company’s products and services is to conclude an agreement with PKO Finat and integrate these products and services with their API.

Higher credibility of your services

Your business opens up to new customers and the standing of PKO Bank Polski improves the credibility of your business.


Get to know our potential in numbers


PKO Bank Polski database includes over 11 million customers

More than 6.4 million customers use the IKO mobile application

In 2022, they bought gift cards worth more than PLN 10 million and topped up their phones with PLN 500 million


Our services


Multikino - cinema ticket voucher

Exchange it for a Ticket in Multikino

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CANAL+ Online

Streaming service that offers a wide variety of TV, movies, sport

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e-books & audiobooks

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Bezpiecznie w Internecie

Security app for your personal device

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Bezpieczny ekran

Mobile screen insurance supported by an app

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An extra remote health care

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