Please be advised that as of July 1st, 2020 we amend the content of the Rules of bank accounts for corporate market customers in PKO Bank Polski SA (Rules) .

The most important provisions are as follows:

  1. issues regarding an Act amending certain acts to reduce the regulatory obligations, which extends the standards of legal protection (amendments in abusive clauses) provided so far for consumers to entrepreneurs operating on the basis of CEIDG. The Act is entering into force on January 1st 2021. Therefore, the main amendments in the Rules concern the premises for changing interest rates, the Tariff and the termination of the account agreement,
  2. regulations regarding foreign exchange spot transactions (FX SPOT) and iPKO dealer platform,
  3. withdrawing Automatic Deposit and Dynamic Account from the Bank’s offer,
  4. terms of operating a Subsidy Account, opened and maintained in connection with the launch of the Government Program "Financial Shield of PFR (Polish Development Fund) for Small and Medium Enterprises”. 

Due to the amendments to the Rules, from 1 July 2020 corporate Account Holders with no framework agreements concerning cooperation in the financial market concluded with the Bank, will be able to conclude foreign exchange spot transaction (FX SPOT) by telephone (negotiating the exchange rate with a dealer) or via electronic banking (iPKO dealer platform) under the bank account agreement and the Rules. Specific information on the service is available on our website (section 'Treasury Products') or by contacting your Relationship Manager. 

Other amendments to the Rules are of formal nature.

Pursuant to the Rules, the Account Holder may terminate the current/auxiliary account agreement within 14 calendar days as of the notification receipt date, if they do not accept the changes to the Rules.

As a result of the termination notice, the account agreement will be terminated following the lapse of the notice period according to the terms specified in the agreement / Rules.

The changes shall be deemed accepted unless the agreement is terminated within the above deadline.

In case of any questions, please contact your Advisor at the Corporate Customer Service Center or your Relationship Manager.

The Rules are available on the Bank's website (www.pkobp.pl).

Rules of bank accounts for corporate market customers in PKO Bank Polski SA (Download PDF)