It is quicker to order a domestic transfer in the iPKO biznes app - you don't have to enter all details. You only need to select a counterparty.

  • To use the new feature update or install the latest version of the iPKO biznes application on your mobile
  • You can make a transfer to a saved counterparty if you have permissions to the counterparty list and can order transactions in the iPKO biznes service

How do I make a transfer to a saved counterparty?

  • On the transfer form, select the counterparty from the list - you will find it under the blue icon, next to the field Counterparty’s name and address.
  • You can also use the quick search option - in the Counterparty’s name and address field, enter a fragment of the name or account number
  • Remember that you can add the payee to the list of the counterparties in the iPKO biznes service

How do I make a transfer to a trusted counterparty?

  • As a transfer type, select transfer to a trusted counterparty - we execute them as domestic transfers in PLN (standard or express elixir).
  • You order these transfers without additional authorisation

More about transfers in the iPKO biznes mobile app

  • You can order 3 types of transfers: domestic, to your own account and to a trusted counterparty
  • You can make domestic transfers immediately (Express Elixir)
  • Transfers in foreign currencies are ordered only to the company's own accounts in our bank.
  • The default daily transfer limit is PLN 100,000. If you require a higher limit, please contact your company's iPKO biznes administrator
  • The transfer will be authorised immediately and cannot be saved for later authorisation
  • We will soon be introducing new features - renewal and return of transfer from account history

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