As of 1 August 2020, changes are introduced in the Tariff of Bank Commissions and Fees for Corporate Customers:

  • fee for keeping a high balance at the end of the month on current/auxiliary accounts maintained in all currencies listed in the table of currency rates of PKO Bank Polski S.A.;
  • fee when the balances at the end of the month exceed the hitherto average values;
  • fee at the end of the year on balance exceeding the specified threshold.

On the other hand, the fee for keeping a high balance on current/ auxiliary accounts will include not only accounts in EUR, but all currencies for which the current rates of deposit facility show negative values.

Additionally, changes will also apply to certain fees for:

  1. processing a cash payment made in an open form in PLN, in branches;
  2. processing a transfer made via the SORBNET2 system and a foreign EEA transfer in EUR;
  3. processing a foreign transfer other than SEPA, EEA in EUR;
  4. processing a direct debit charged from the Payer (customer of PKO Bank Polski).

As of 1 August 2020, fees will also be introduced for:

  1. reports for the PKO service: mass withdrawals and PKO Rachunki Wirtualne;
  2. preparation of drafts of contracts and forms containing changes in provisions requested by the customer;
  3. changes in the specimen signature sheet;
  4. submission of paper documents to an advisor which are made available in the iPKO biznes Applications - Other On-Line Applications.

In line with the applicable Regulations, if you do not agree for changes in the Tariff, you have a right to terminate the current or auxiliary account agreement observing a 30-day notice period. This should be done within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification. If we do not receive your notice of termination, we will assume that you accept the changes.

List of changes in the Tariff of Commissions and Fees as of 1 August 2020.

New Tariff of Commissions and Fees as of 1 August 2020