Please be advised that as of July 1st, 2023 we amend the Rules of bank accounts for corporate market customers in PKO Bank Polski SA (the Rules).

The most important changes are as follows:

  • We add the provisions for prepaid debit cards, charge cards and credit cards,
  • We adjust the principles of the Deposit Identification Service (SID) for electronic banking service and launch a new module for SID in iPKO biznes,
  • We adjust the rules in case of withdrawal of coverage of WIBOR and WIBID reference rates,
  • The Rules replace the provisions contained in the previous: Rules for the issuance and use of Business-type credit cards, Terms and conditions of issuance and use of Business charge card, Rules on the use of personalised  prepaid debit cards, Rules on the use of non-personalised prepaid debit cards, Rules on the use of non-personalised prepaid debit cards for a EUR account 

Rules - english version

Regulamin - język polski


What next?

  • If you agree with the amendments, you don't have to do anything.
  • If you do not agree with the amendments to the Rules, you may terminate the current/auxiliary account agreement within 14 calendar days as of the notification receipt date. 


Do you have questions? Please contact our relationship manager or advisor at the Corporate Customer Service Center.