Until 30 April, you can join the companies that will be granted free access to the carbon footprint calculator.

Apply and prepare your company for the changes in the law! For 1 year, your company can use the carbon footprint calculator free of charge as part of PKO Bank Polski's pilot programme.

How to apply for the programme?

  1. Submit your participation to your company's supervisor at PKO Bank Polski by 30 April 2024 or send an email to: liczymyco2@pkobp.pl.
  2. You will be awarded access details to a specific tool and, if necessary, support from our experts.

How much does it cost?

Participation in the programme and access to the carbon footprint calculator is free of charge. Your company does not have to meet any additional criteria either.

What does your company gain?

You will be granted with access to a calculator from one of the suppliers (Envirly, Redigo Carbon, Plan Be Eco Responsiblee). With the calculator you will measure the carbon footprint of your organisation or product as a whole.

This will enable your company to:

  • calculate the carbon footprint in all 3 scopes
  • automate data collection
  • involve all those responsible in the company and group in the process

Why is it important to measure your carbon footprint?

  • Improving the awareness of one's own emissions, opportunity to reduce operating costs by reducing energy consumption
  • improving your company's reputation and image
  • reaching informed consumers and future employees
  • opportunity to make a positive impact on the issue of climate change