In relation to no possibility of continuing the IAPA programme for holders/ users of selected credit and charge cards, use of the services available as part of the programme will be possible until 28.02.2020. After this date, the IAPA cards which are held by Users of charge and credit cards of PKO Bank Polski S.A.:

  • PKO Mastercard Corporate and PKO Mastercard Corporate Municipium (optional package),
  • PKO Mastercard Corporate Executive,
  • PKO Mastercard Business Gold,
  • PKO VISA Business Credit Gold (optional package).

will be deactivated and will cease to work. In line with the guidelines received from IAPA, the cards are to be destroyed by that date.

You will be informed about changes in the Tariff of bank commissions and fees at PKO Bank Polski SA for coporate Customers, related to the end of the IAPA programme, in line with the provisions of the Rules for the Issuance and Use of Business-Type Credit Card and Rules for the Issuance and Use of a “Business” Charge Card.