Now, you can get information about available funds, limits and the history of card transactions in the iPKO biznes application

Holders of business cards with the PKO Bank Polski logo can control their expenses via a mobile application.

How to install the application on your smartphone?

  1. Download the iPKO biznes mobile app in Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple)
  2. Activate the application by selecting the card user mode
  3. Enter your business card number
  4. Set your own PIN code for the iPKO biznes application
  5. Send a text message to receive an activation code
  6. Enter the activation code and complete the activation

You already have the iPKO biznes mobile app and you use the iPKO biznes online banking service?

All you need to do is download the latest application update – then you will automatically gain access to functions related to handling your business cards.


The application is free of charge and can work on 3 different phones at the same time. The application can be activated on the phone with the phone number that has already been given to the bank. The number was given e.g. when filling in the request for issuance of a business card, or when signing an agreement for handling any product at the bank. The service is not available to users of non-personalised prepaid cards (not assigned to the user).