On 1 July 2020, the following changes will be introduced content of Regulations of Investment Accounts for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in PKO Bank Polski. The change results from the bank’s alignment to provisions of the act amending certain acts to reduce regulatory burdens, which extends the standard of legal protection foreseen for the consumers to natural persons conducting business activity. These standards refer to the situation when:

  • a natural person concludes a contract directly related to its business activity;
  • simultaneously, such agreement does not have a professional nature for such person, resulting in particular from the business activity conducted by such person (changes within the scope of abusive clauses).

The remaining major changes in the Regulations refer to:

  1. provisions refer to submission of complaints;
  2. specification that the Regulations of Bank Accounts for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in PKO BP S.A. are applicable with respect to terms and the mode of performance of settlements and the terms and the mode of processing an order to pay in a foreign currency;

If you do not accept changes in the Regulations, you can terminate, within 14 calendar days from the date of notification, either the investment account agreement for small and medium-sized enterprises. The notice period of the bank account agreement amounts to one month and is calculated from the date of delivery of the notice of termination to PKO Bank Polski. After the lapse of the notice period, the agreement ceases to be valid on terms specified in the Regulations. Should you have any questions pertaining to the aforementioned changes in the Regulations, do not hesitate to contact your consultant. 

  Regulations of Investment Accounts for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in PKO Bank Polski since 2020.07.01