As of 25 April 2019, users of corporate credit and charge cards can pay with the use of Android system phones and IKO app

Who can make mobile payments?

Holders of corporate credit and charge cards who are simultaneously individual customers of PKO Bank Polski with active IKO mobile app on telephones with Android system.

Hold the phone to the reader to make the payment. If the value of your transaction exceeds PLN 50, confirm in the IKO app by putting your PIN and reapply the phone to the payment cards reader.

How to activate mobile payments?

To make a contactless payment for shopping with a telephone with IKO from funds on the corporate card of PKO Bank Polski S.A., you need a telephone with NFC-enabled module and 4.4 Android operating system as a minimum. It is also necessary to update or install the newest version of IKO downloaded from Google Play Store on the telephone and to configure the service in the app.

Worth knowing:

  • IKO may be installed on more than one telephone; in such case, a different card can be “linked” to every device. It is possible to use the company telephone for contactless IKO payments with the corporate card and keep payments with individual card on private telephone.
  • Shopping with the use of telephone is a very convenient form of payment in stores and service points which are provided with a payment terminal servicing contactless payments with the use of traditional cards.

More about mobile payments in the IKO app