Take advantage of discounts at airports all over the world. It is enough to pay with a VISA card issued by PKO Bank Polski. 

In cooperation with DragonPass, VISA has launched a discount program “Travel with VISA and pay up to 25% less at airports”, which will last until 30 September 2020. Thanks to this program every holder of an active VISA card of PKO Bank Polski issued in Poland can:

  • take advantage of discounts at airports all over the world, including at 11 airports in Poland at more than 30 catering facilities (restaurants and cafés) and retail outlets, including: Aelia Duty Free, Toys Store, so! Coffee, Paul,
  • take advantage of airport lounges on preferential terms, i.e. at a promotional price of EUR 29.50 under the “Pay as you go” model, without having to pay the membership fee.

In order to participate in the program, it is enough to download the Airport Companion Europe mobile app and register in it, adding an active VISA card to it.

A full list of airport lounges is available on https://en.dragonpass.com.cn/airports or in the Airport Companion Europe app. A list of retail outlets and catering facilities participating in the program is available in the app, where one can find details about the offering of each of them.

You can find supplementary information about this discount program: