21.05.2024 we are amending the Table of Bank Commissions and Fees at PKO Bank Polski SA for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Key changes to the Table  

1. New fees and commissions:

  • For closed deposits in PLN with more than 1000 coins - 5% of the amount of the operation.
  • For deposits in convertible currencies other than PLN - 5% of the deposit amount, min. PLN 20.
  • Additional commission for cash withdrawal without prior advising - 5% of the difference between the amount withdrawn and the amount requiring advising.
  • Commission for not collecting ordered cash on time - 5% of the ordered amount, min. PLN 50.
  • Closed withdrawal containing coins - rate to be negotiated.
  • Commission for withdrawal in banknotes and coins in closed form will also be charged if the ordered withdrawal is not collected.
  • Issuing a card/key for a cash machine - PLN 50.
  • Providing information constituting bank secrecy or aggregated information from the Central Information on Bank Accounts - PLN 25.
  • Inspection of real estate, technical infrastructure for Our Renovation loans - PLN 150.
  • Enforcement of an enforcement title and a document which has the force of such a title - from each amount enforced within one seizure PLN 50.

2. We have introduced new features:

  • We have introduced hardware tokens for iPKO business with fees as for a code card with a chip. We will announce the date of availability in an announcement.
  • We made prepaid debit cards available to holders of PKO Rachunek dla Przedsiębiorstw and PKO Konto Firmowe Premium accounts. Fees in accordance with the Table of Banking Fees and Commissions at PKO Bank Polski S.A. for Corporate Market Customers.
  • We introduced iPKO biznes Integra ERP - fee of PLN 500 for access, PLN 100 per month for use, in accordance with the Table of Banking Fees and Commissions at PKO Bank Polski S.A. for corporate market customers.

3. We have changed some provisions regarding:

  • The way we count receipts that exempt you from the account fee (within packages that allow this) - we count receipts in the current month.
  • The way we calculate the fee for bank opinions, certificates or other non-standard documents available remotely, which you collect in a branch or receive by post - the fee as for a document generated in a branch or a call centre.
  • The number of free transfers in iPKO business for PKO Konto Firmowe Premium and PKO Rachunek Nasza Wspolnota.
  • The number of free transfers, which applies only to the current account. We will charge a fee for each transfer from the auxiliary account.
  • Control of the conditions for withdrawing money from the Housing Trust Account opened from 17.10.2023. - PLN 500.
  • Commission for granting or increasing the Our Renovation loan with BGK bonus which we will charge no later than on the day the loan is disbursed.

The remaining changes are of a procedural or editorial nature.

What's next?

  • If you agree with these changes, you do not have to do anything.
  • If you do not agree with the Table changes, you can object or terminate your Agreement within 14 calendar days of receiving this information.
  • You can find the full Table on our website and in our branches.