On November 5, 2021, the Tariff of commission and banking fees in PKO Bank Polski for small and medium-sized enterprises will change (hereinafter: Tariff).

Main changes in the Tariff:

  • We lower the external transfer fee in IPKO and IPKO Business from the Premium Company Account for Non-Profit Organizations from PLN 2.00 to PLN 1.00.
  • We standardize a fee for MultiCash transfer from PLN 0 or PLN 1.50 or PLN 2 to PLN 2.50. The new fee rate also applies to SEPA transfers in ordinary mode and transfers in EUR to EEA countries in ordinary mode carried out via MultiCash.
  • Due to the payment of a new product - credit in the current account with an individualized maximum value of the reference indicator, in the Tariff, we introduce a fee for determining the reference indicator for new and renewed credits in the current account (fixed rate).

If you have questions related to the change of Tariff, please contact the company advisor.

If you do not agree to changes in the Tariff, you can terminate the agreement up to 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of this information. The Tariff is available at www.pkobp.pl or in the branches of PKO Bank Polski.