Commission transfers
via iPKO website or IKO app

Transfers are processed as usual: in compliance with the ELIXIR sessions or instantaneously, if you commission an express transfer

• Find out when the transfer is going to be processed
• How to commission a transfer in iPKO? (video↗)
• How to commission a transfer in IKO?

Is your on-line access blocked?

How to unblock iPKO? [PL]
How to unblock the IKO app?

Pay with your card
or telephone

Pay safely and conveniently without cash: traditionally with the card or in a contactless mode up to PLN 100.00 without entering your PIN1. If you do not have a card to your account, order it on-line:

Order a card to your account in iPKO

It is worthwhile paying in a contactless mode with your telephone or a smart watch. Transactions with the IKO app and Apple Pay can be confirmed without touching the terminal keys.

Make purchases

Order products on-line

 You can pay with your card, BLIK or on-line transfer.

How to pay on-line?



Standard limits apply to the transactions↓



Watch out for fraudsters! Especially now, fraudsters can send false SMS notifications or e-mails, threaten you with blocking the funds and demand that you click the provided links. Report all such cases to us, do not click the links and do not share your confidential data to log in on the website with anyone.




How do we operate now?

Cash deposits and withdrawals

Signing an agreement in courier's presence

Limitation in sale of selected products

Western Union

On-line documents from the bank

Covid 19: Principles of Assistance Granted by Banks

How to handle official matters on-line?

Tax Office, Social Insurance Company (ZUS) and others

mSzafir - electronic signature


Card, transfer and payment limits


Change of card limits in iPKO

1. Go to your card and choose Card Details and Management.
2. In the Limits section, choose Change Limits (on the right hand-side).

Change of card limits in IKO

1. Go to card details (Menu → My Bank → Cards → Your Card).
2. In the context menu (icon with three dots in the upper right-hand corner), choose Limits → Change limits.

Additional information about limits

•  Debit card limits
•  Express transfer limits
•  iPKO limit: daily and maximum
•  IKO limits


Fighting the coronavirus: let's join our forces!


You can also help! Join forces with to PKO Bank Polski Foundation in fighting COVID-19. You can support the action with a transfer or use the “Help with us” function in the mobile IKO app.

How to join forces with the PKO Bank Polski Foundation?

•  Use the function Help with us in the mobile IKO app and create a standing order.

•   Order a transfer to the account with No. 47 1020 1068 0000 1002 0172 3014 with transfer title To fight COVID 19


1 Payment terminals in stores and service and trade points are gradually updated. Due to security reasons, we can still ask you to confirm contactless payments with your PIN from time to time, also for amounts below PLN 100.00.