We are amending the Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions at PKO Bank Polski S.A. for corporate banking customers

From 1 August 2024, the Tariff of Commissions and Fees will be amended.

Key amendments to the Tariff:

  1. We increase the monthly fees for, among other things:
    • current and ancillary accounts,
    • use of the iPKO biznes service,
    • Virtual accounts (mass payment identification service).
  1. We introduce a commission for balance growth at the end of the calendar year.
  2. We increase the commission on:
  • closed cash deposits in currencies made in banknotes,
    • open cash withdrawals, upon prior notification or in an amount that does not require notification,
    • execution of a withdrawal order at PKO Bank Polski branches or agencies, which we perform under the Mass Withdrawal service,
    • open cash deposits at our bank's cash deposit machines.
  1. We introduce a fee for a new type of hardware token. This is the tool used for authorising orders in the iPKO biznes service.
  2. We introduce a fee for a new type of envelopes for deposits of coins weighing up to 4.5 kg. The fee will be charged when it becomes available to order this type of secure packaging.
  3. We will no longer charge monthly fees for additional modules of the iPKO biznes service.


You will find the remaining amendments in the list of amendments.

We are changing the Tariff because we are developing our products and services. The Tariff has been given a new layout to make it easier to read and understand.

Where can you find additional information?

What can you do?
If you do not agree with the amendments - you can terminate your agreement within 14 calendar days, from the date of notification of the changes. If you do not terminate your agreement, the revised Tariff will apply to us from 1 August 2024.

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