Cash withdrawals and deposits BLIK

Don't have a card with you? Use the IKO app


  • Withdraw cash with BLIK at ATMs all over Poland
  • Deposit cash with BLIK in our deposit machines without additional fees – applies to individual customers

Find your nearest ATM or deposit machine

  • 1
    Open the IKO application
  • 2
    Select: More
  • 3
    Go to ATMs and branches

How to deposit and withdraw cash with BLIK from an ATM machine?

  • 1
    Find an ATM with the BLIK withdrawal function

    Depending on the ATM, select IKO withdrawal, BLIK withdrawal or Withdrawal without card

  • 2
    Enter the amount and decide if you want to receive a transaction confirmation
  • 3
    Generate a code in the IKO application or BLIK check number – enter it on the ATM keypad
  • 4
    Select: Accept in the IKO application and collect money from the ATM