More ERP systems connected to iPKO biznes

Already 5 leading business software producers are integrated with the bank's iPKO biznes service.

Now our corporate clients and entrepreneurs can use integration of the iPKO biznes service with other financial and accounting systems from which, among other things, can order transfers without logging in to iPKO biznes.

These are:

  • Simple.ERP
  • Comarch ERP XL
  • Comarch ERP XT


What banking activities can I perform from the ERP system?

  • sending domestic and foreign transfers
  • checking the account balance
  • downloading statements
  • downloading transaction history


Main benefits for the company:

  • Reduces the time required for operations.
  • Reduces mistakes.
  • Gives quick access to information about the company's finances.


Is it safe?

Communication between the bank and the ERP system is encrypted and takes place through a webservices solution. The technology used is proven, secure and has been in place for many years.


How do I activate the service?

  • complete the Application for activation of the iPKO biznes Integra ERP service in iPKO biznes
  • configure permissions for the Integra service – is carried out by the user as the administrator of iPKO biznes


How much does the integration cost?

The cost of using the iPKO biznes Integra ERP service at PKO Bank Polski is PLN 100 gross per month. The one-time activation fee is PLN 500 gross. Please note that this cost does not include salary for your ERP Partner.

PKO Bank Polski is not a publisher of ERP systems. You can check currently integrated systems HERE.

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